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Quinoacan Golden

Quinoacan Golden is plain grain of quinoa made from quinoa varieties suitable for growing on the Canadian prairies. The Quality of our Quinoacan Golden is assured through all steps from farming to packaging. Quinoacan Golden is a ready to use quinoa product with no need to washing.

Pack of 450g - $7.8

Quinoacan Crispy

Quinoacan Crispy is a ready to eat quinoa product with no need to preparation, washing or cooking. Quinoacan Crispy is washed and cooked in hygienic facilities and packed under control for ultimate quality. Quinoacan crispy has a toasted, nutty flavor taste and has high content of protein.

Pack of 200g - $7.8

Quinoacan Flakes

Quinoacan Flakes are prepared from Quinoacan Golden. Quinoacan Flakes are cooked in some extent and will be ready to eat by rapid preparation prior to use. It is just needed to add boiling water, stir and it is ready in less than two minutes. You may cook Quinoacan flakes in the microwave in 90 seconds…

Pack of 250g - $7.8


Golden, pack of 450g $7.8

Crispy, pack of 200g $7.8

Flakes, pack of 250g $ 7.8

Flour, pack of 400g $ 7.8

Black, pack of 300g $7.8

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Quinoacan Flour

Quinoacan Red

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